Roy N Scott MD FRCS

Consultant Vascular Surgeon

vascular surgeon glasgow
Roy Scott Vascular Surgeon Glasgow

Ross Hall Hospital

221 Crookston Road

Glasgow G52 3NQ

Tel: 0141 810 3151

Welcome to my website, where you will find information about the services which I can provide for people with arterial and venous disease.

I have 18 years experience as a Consultant Surgeon and I have developed a special interest and expertise in the modern treatment of varicose veins using minimally invasive techniques e.g. endovenous laser treatment (EVLT), radiofrequency ablation (VNUS Closure) and ultrasound guided foam sclerotherapy.

VenaCure EVLT™ is a Registered Trade Mark  of Angiodynamics 
VNUS Closureand Venefit™ are Registered Trade Marks of Covidien